Our Covid-19 precautions

Hold your event with confidence

No one needs telling these are trying times, as Covid continues to disrupt our lives. But you can rest assured that here at Thames Barge Will, we are doing everything that is required to protect our guests and staff against Covid-19. We follow the recommended guidelines, and constantly review our own practices and risk assessments to ensure we are all kept safe and sound. Life on the water has always required extra vigilance for, so whilst we take this in our stride, you can be confident best practice for Covid-19 is applied at every step. You can run your event on board with us  knowing that everything is as it should be during this time.  If you have any queries or questions, please take in our guidelines and working policy below and send any additional questions our way.     

Sailing Barge Will – COVID-19 Guidelines 

Sailing Barge Will operates in accordance with the current COVID-19 Government Guidelines. Sailing Barge Will has put social distancing measures in place to ensure all passengers and staff onboard are kept safe. We ask that all customers are aware and cooperate with the below guidelines Sailing Barge Will has set out before booking an event and joining us onboard. 

Guidance when on the Pier and upon embarkation 

• When on the pier we ask that you adhere to the 1 metre guideline at all times

• Passenger queuing will be managed by Sailing Barge Will event staff, the queuing point will be established outside of the pier entrance gate 

• Passengers will be asked to arrive 5 minutes prior to their embarkation time to begin queuing before entrance onto the pier is allowed
• Masks are mandatory for all passengers and Sailing Barge Will event staff when entering the pier, in accordance with TfL terms and conditions
• You will be instructed by a member of Sailing Barge Will event staff when to walk down onto the pier and onboard the vessel, at a safe distance
• Please listen and follow all instructions given to you from Sailing Barge Will event staff when entering the pier, keeping a minimum of 1 metre distance at all times 

• Boarding begins at least 15 minutes before the departure time. Sailing Barge Will cannot return for late passengers so please ensure you arrive on time 

Guidelines when onboard SB Will 

• Sailing Barge Will has reduced its passenger capacity to a maximum of 25 passengers for all events
• Standing capacity has been reduced to 25 passengers when on deck and a maximum of 10 passengers in the saloon grouped in bubbles of up to 6 passengers

• Passenger names and contact numbers will be taken prior to or during embarkation to assist with NHS Track and Trace
• Guests must always observe and adhere to the 1 metre markings on deck and in the saloon to ensure social distancing when onboard, unless in their own household bubble
• In your bubbles, SB Will staff will point you to your allocated area on deck 

• Any passengers showing signs of symptoms of COVID-19 will be refused entry to the vessel
• Hand sanitiser will be offered upon embarkation for all passengers and staff, everyone must sanitise their hands before embarking
• Hand sanitiser stations are situated throughout the vessel which should be used frequently
• Masks are mandatory for all passengers and staff when on the Pier and in the saloon of Sailing Barge Will
• A one-way system will take place on deck and in the saloon of SB Will. When passengers embark, they will be asked to walk to their right, mustering around the green hatch one meter apart, using the markings clearly set out
• We ask all guests to make themselves aware of all COVID-19 related signage and visual aids when onboard
• As much as possible, drinks and food service will take place on deck by wait staff wearing gloves, however we are now in the winter season.  If in the saloon, wait staff will also be wearing masks. We will provide a designated table for guests in the saloon for the entirety of the trip.
• SB Will encourages guests to run a bar tab or to pay for drinks by a contactless card machine in order to reduce the amount of cash transactions taking place onboard 

• Hatch tops (weather dependent) and all doors will be kept open to maximise the fresh air flow rate
• Frequent touch points will be identified and disinfected regularly 

• If music is requested onboard this must be kept in line with current Government guidelines and played from the saloon only
• Sailing Barge Will only operates one charter per day and will be deep cleaned and disinfected after and prior to every event
• We ask that you notify us if you become unwell with COVID-19 symptoms up to 14 days after being onboard (Sarah Lawrence – office@thamesbargewill.com)

“Just as it was before Covid-19, the safety and wellbeing of our guests onboard is still our top priority, we've just adapted; and the events are still wonderful!”

Sarah Lawrence – Event Manager