Our signature, certainly. You could call it our superpower! 

Indeed, this is something that very few vessels in London can organise. All our London cruises with Sailing Barge Will involve something most boats can only dream of: the opening of that most iconic of bridges, Tower Bridge. This is a highlight of our Sunset BBQ cruises in particular. Heading west into London with the sun setting behind the bridge is a sight to remember. 

Because of her tall masts, towering at nearly 30 metres, Will requires Tower Bridge to raise its world famous bascules between the distinctive towers, all to let Will and her guests take passage through. It’s a truly unforgettable experience.  

How do you open Tower Bridge?

In short you can just leave it to us! As long as you either start or finish (or both) at Tower Pier, you will get a Tower Bridge lift on your cruise.  We’ll arrange everything. Tower pier is very close to Tower Bridge and so typically, allowing for manouevering and embark/disembark your bridge lift will take place 30 minutes after the start of your event, or c.30 before the end. Or both! 

Given the choice we’d recommend our Sunset Cruise events – perhaps with a deck BBQ – to experience the sky beyond the bridge and over London as you approach and pass through. It’s just perfect timing!

It’s a special feeling sensing the bridge preparing to open, hearing it’s sirens first. London stills as we hang mid-river, slowly cruising towards the bascules as they open, crowds on the bridge gather to watch. Treat yourself, contact us and prepare for your own taste of the best part – sailing through. 

An example itinerary - The Sunset Cruise

  • 16.00 Guests embark at Tower Pier
  • 16.30 Heading east, Tower Bridge opens up for you
  • 17.30 Deck BBQ is served
  • 18.00 You turn back upstream at O2 Arena
  • 19.30 Once again Tower Bridge opens for you
  • 20.00 Disembark at Tower pier
Times are approximate, and all start times are flexible for your needs. A 4-hour event is recommended.

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